9+ tiktok slang words meaning 2023 | IYKYK, GRWM And More!

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tiktok slang words 2023

Hi there readers, tiktok slang words in 2023 are getting more complex. Where even Gen-z folks are confused what this abbreviation means, here we have told the meaning of more than 9 tiktok slang words that are most commonly used in 2023.


GRWM is a tiktok slang word that you might see some makeup artists using. It means Get Ready With Me. Usually people use this on videos in which they are either giving a makeup tutorial or telling a personal story while they’re doing their makeup. 

They use it in their captions and hashtags mostly and it isn’t used in the comment section very often. This slang is also used on instagram reels.


This tiktok slang word is used for a joke that only a certain group of people will understand or an inside joke. It stands for “If you know you know”. You can find this tiktok slang word in the comment section funny videos that are targeting a very specific audience .

L And W:

Now these two alphabets are probably one of the most used tiktok slang words in 2023. L stands for “Loss” and W stands for “Win” they are usually used under sigma or attitude type videos. L is Often used in the phrase “taking an L” which means to fail or experience some kind of setback


This tiktok slang word is a short form for “My Face When” and it is usually used to express a reaction to some situation. It is often used with a person’s video of facial expression. 


This is a tiktok slang word that stands for “Non Playable Character”. This term has originated from video games originally.

It is usually used to describe a person who seems boring or a background character. 

In video games NPCs are characters that the player cannot control and they are just doing the same things that they are programmed to do.


BMS tiktok slang stands for Broke My Scale. It is usually used to praise someone who is extremely attractive. It means that the person’s attraction can’t be described on a scale and they are above 10 rating. 


FYP is the short form for tiktok’s “For You Page”. This is the main page where the tiktoks are recommended based on the interest of the user.


It is used to express surprise and in certain cases  approval.


This tiktok slang word is used to describe a person who is bitter, upset or mad about something. It is more of a mood.

Side Hustle:

Side hustle means a secondary source of income that a person can make in addition to their job. It is used by gurus mostly that are teaching different ways of earning online or tiktok videos related to online earning.


Don’t worry if you didn’t know these tiktok slang words of 2023. You don’t have to know everything. There will be new slang words with time and you will find the meaning of them on the internet after doing some research. 

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